Ally Course Report

Ally Course Accessibility Report in-context feedback

Help us learn how to make the accessibility of course content faster and more engaging

We need your instructors!

They can choose from two options in which to participate:

  1. Quick online meeting with the Ally TeamMeeting details
  2. Self-guided run-through in their own timeSelf-guided details
  3. If you'd like help organizing one or both, please message: Sam Peck

1. Quick meeting with the Ally Team

The method of feedback we'd find valuable is simply a meeting with one (or more) of your instructors. The ideal instructor may have started (or would like to start) using Ally's Course Accessibility Report. Once launching Ally's Course Accessibility Report within one of their courses, we'll be listening carefully while your instructors share their thoughts as they attempt to fix accessibility issues for files they are familiar with.

30 min meeting agenda

  • 5 mins – Quick introductions
  • 5 mins – Setting up the screen-share
  • 15 mins – Launch Ally's Course Accessibility Report from your instructor's course of choice*
    As they show us through their individual approaches to fixing issues.
  • 5 mins – Closing thoughts and feedback
  • * It's important to the insight that we use course content your instructor is completely familiar with

How to meet up!

  1. Book a time to meet: Schedule time with Sam
  2. Join Sam on the day: Sam's Collaborate Room

Other ways to meet online

2. Self-guided run-through in their own time, anywhere

10 min (shortest timeframe) recording

I'm ready to record a screen-share now!

  1. Begin self-guided run-through Record a screen-share now

About the screen-capture software and the duration of the study

  • The platform is called that simply captures video of your screen and audio.
  • Lookback can only screen-record through Google Chrome and it's an easy one-click to set up.
  • Depending on participation, we'll keep the study live until December 2019 and determine whether or not to continue further (will post an announcement in the Stream on the 29th of November).