Ally Studio Validate Activities | BbWorld and DevCon 2018 | Orlando FL

Ally Odyssey Booth

Join the Ally team and community at the Ally Odyssey Virtual Booth. Check out the latest designs and provide feedback, catch a product demo, or chat live with a member of the Ally Odyssey Crew!

Ally UX Feedback Sessions

The Ally team is organising 60mins feedback sessions from Wednesday 29th until Friday 31st of July, to validate designs for a new feature around Departmental Reporting. We are looking for Ally users who are familiar with the Institutional Report. Interested in taking part? You can sign up here:

Sign up for feedback sessions

Visit the Ally Virtual Booth

Discover new Ally resources, including links to the most recent Ally research papers and data visualizations illustrating Ally's impact on inclusive education.