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July 25, 2024, 4:00 PM - July 26, 2024, 5:00 PM

**Date**\: Thursday 25 July 2024. **Time**\: 07:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST / 17:00 TRT / 18:00 GST **Duration**\: 1 hour. - [Confirm time in your time zone.]( - [Sign up, submit questions in advance, and request a calendar appointment using this form.]( - [Join Online using Blackboard Collaborate]( # Summary Generative AI has many applications to aid digital accessibility workflows. In this session we’ll examine the power of generative speech as part of accessible learning scenarios. We’ll also round up a number of the ways we can use Microsoft Copilot and other generative AI tools to complete digital accessibility tasks faster. # Agenda 1. Ignite creativity: video scenario using AI tools. 2. Harnessing Copilot and other gen-AI tools to increase digital accessibility efficiency. 3. Next meeting. 4. Community updates. 5. Any other business. # Session synopses ## Ignite creativity: video scenario using AI tools Ralph Holland, ATS Analyst (Research and CPD), Northumbria University. “I’m going to take you through the development of an engaging, accessible learning scenario. The scenario was for a module featuring a patient-nurse interaction. The material was aligned with learning objectives, made sure it was accessible to all and was developed in collaboration with an academic expert. I will cover the project and discuss how this approach enhances our ability to make material accessible and inclusive.” ### Harnessing Copilot and other gen-AI tools to increase digital accessibility efficiency Matthew Deeprose, Accessible Solutions Architect, University of Southampton. “How can generative AI tools like Microsoft Copilot make us more effective and efficient in our digital accessibility work? I’ll share techniques I’ve used successfully in several scenarios over the past six months that you can repeat at your institution.” # Missed an earlier session or want to watch again? If you missed a previous session, [all recordings and slide decks are available]( ![Slide1.png](file-guid:447b1b96-6168-4b05-bef1-7d562e0015bd "Slide1.png")![Slide10.png](file-guid:0496574d-18e7-4909-a5cc-abde7a1cbc8b "Slide10.png")![Slide11.png](file-guid:b8b743bb-fddd-4ab0-98cb-bfc47c88089f "Slide11.png")


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